I tinker, consult & inspire.


I love learning about and trying out business ideas, models and frameworks. I have (co)founded several digital startups and launched multiple products, serving corporate, government and civic society clients. Currently I build and automate leveraging no code tools.


From conducting a design thinking workshop for an executive MBA cohort of a USD 5.8B company, to developing an entrepreneurship toolbox for an international development organization to serving as a sherpa in the EU-AU Digital Economy Task Force of the European Commission, I'm particularly interested in providing my insights in regards to "digital economy", "innovation" and "entrepreneurship".


From coaching of budding startups in an EU-financed project to speaking at meet-ups, universities, conferences, company events, etc, I love sharing my knowledge and experience. Some events I spoke on include:

  • UN CEO Roundtable

  • UNDP Mobile Learning

  • eLearning Africa

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